5:18 pm - Sunday June 16, 8520

Jailed Journalist ‪‎Woubshet Taye‬ released his second book from ‪Zeway‬ prison.

Wibishet TayeIt has been five years since editor-in-chief of now-defunct Awramba Times newspaper, Woubshet Taye, is sent to prison for writing but in the name of ‘terrorism’. His first book titled ‘Yenetsanet Dimtsoch’ (‘Freedom Voices: From Maekelawi to Zeway’) was published in 2014. And, his second book titled ‘Mogach Ewnetoch’ (‘Challenging Truths: Prison Tales and Struggle’) is released today 12 August 2016. This book has 4 chapters in 224 pages.

Wibshet Taye a new book Mogach wnetochGebru Asrat, former TPLF official and Tigray region president for the first 10 years of the current regime, has written his appreciation of the book on its cover. Gebru admired Woubshet’s ability to think without vengeance and vendetta even if he is writing from prison where he is held with a lot of injustices. It is remembered that, a few months ago, Woubshet was sent to solitary confinment when some pieces of his writings were found during sudden search. Thanks to people who cooperated, now his stories have gotten light of publication.

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