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Journalist ‪Temesgen Dessalegn‬'s new book to be released

Temesgen Desalegn photoTemesgen used to criticize revolutions. But not in his last publications on which he turned pro-revolutionary. The defiant Temesgen and his colleagues redefined the purpose of their media outlets as an advocacy paper and named themselves ‘revolutionary journalists’ in response to government’s redefined approach of state-owned media as ‘developmental journalism’ pieces, whose functions are praising the incumbent.

የፈራ ይመለስ Journalist Temesgen Desalegn from prisonThe new book he is releasing soon is titled ‘Yefera Yimeles’. The phrase in the title literally means ‘Let anyone who is afraid get back’ and is borrowed from the Bible. He used the title in one of his pieces in his first newspaper, Fitih and its second issue run on Fact magazine later. His fans used to post the phrase on public mini-bus taxis but later they scratched it presumably in fear of gov security officials reaction.

On the front cover of his new book, to be released soon, is photoshopped massive demonstration held in AratKilo, a place near the palace and parlma, and on top of the demo top officials and a General, all wearing militia uniform, are seen from top pointing guns to the people. It looks like he wanted to portray the inevitable turn of former gurella-fighters against the people if the people revolt.

On the back cover, four reknown people – Prof Al Mariam, Prof Mesay Kebede, Bulcha Demeksa and Yared Tibebu – gave their words about the defiance of Temesgen.

Temesgen run about four media outlets opening another when one is banned by the gov. He started with Fitih NP and followed Addis Times magazine, then Leelina NP, then Fact magazine. On the way from Fitih through Fact, he and his colleagues have transformed very much from their capacity of getting inside information to analysis skill to receiving great readers’ acceptability.

His last magazine, Fact, was the only independent print media outlet that has ever had 22 active contributors who are well known university lecturers, politicians and journalists. In its last few copies of the magazine, Temesgen and his colleagues made a call to the people to get ready for the popular uprising which they called ‘Yehidasew Abiyot’ (The Renaissance Revolution). Temesgen was sentenced three years of imprisonment and jailed for another charge that has been pending for more than two years. Right before his imprisonment, his magazine was banned among with other five news outlets. Temesgen and his colleagues compiled their call into a book titled ‘Yehidasew Abiyot’ after he was sent to prison. ‘Yefera Yimeles’ is, therefore, his second book in his 22 months of stay in prison.

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