The mastermind behind the creation TPLF speaks.... (By Achamyeleh Tamiru)

According to the eye witness account provided by an early EPRP recruit and a graduate of the then-famed PLO military “academy” Tesfaye Mekonen, Isayas Afeworki was the mastermind behind the creation of TPLF.

In his book, «ይድረስ ለባለታሪኩ» Tesfaye told us that Isayas has created TPLF by organizing his own Tigrian siblings and by giving them a vision that collides with that of his other sibling’s, Birhanemeskel Reda party’s vision. Though Tesfaye is credited for uncovering what Birhanemeskel had been doing with his EPLF siblings to dismantle Ethiopia, I don’t think that Birhanemekel’s EPRP and that of his co-ethnics comrades party TPLF had a collusion of vision over the state of Ethiopia.

Anyway, in his yesterday’s televised interview, the mastermind, Isayas Afeworki of Eritrea was talking about TPLF, an organization he helped in its creation, and the thinking of his Tigrian siblings, the Weyyanes. The following are some of the points he uttered about TPLF and his Tigrain siblings, the weyyanes, during the interview he had with the state owned TV journalists:

1. The crisis in Ethiopia is the result of TPLF’s distorted and narrow minded principles rooted in their old belief & their manifesto that Tigray should be an independent country.

2. TPLF used to believe & they openly used to say that ‘let alone to live with the Amharas & Oromos, we can’t even beg along side them”. But we (meaning the Esayases ) worked hard to convince them that Tigray is part of Ethiopia;

3. After we convinced the TPLF that Tigray can’t be separated from Ethiopia then they started to say because Tigray is only 6%, to rule Ethiopia we have to create division among Ethiopians so that we can have time to rule Ethiopia while the different groups quarrel.

4. It is a known fact that our fighters & tanks put TPLF in Addis Ababa, why didn’t TPLF back THEN accuse us of interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia?…How is our solidarity NOW with the Ethiopian people different and accuse different Ethiopia as if they are Shabiya’s agent?

Though I don’t agree with him with regard to the general tone of his fourth point, the rest of his expositions are well founded and we have been saying them time and again over the past few years.

It would have been good if Isayas is courageous enough to release TPLF paper documents, video and audio evidences, that are stored in the EPLF archives, which are so important to completely expose and crush the fascist TPLF rule once and for all.

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