Chirstian Tadele: A True Voice for the Voiceless Amhara People

Chirstian Tadele: A True Voice for the Voiceless Amhara People




Abebech Shiferaw




Christian is a true brother. We have worked in same organization, FMoH-Ethiopia. As a colleague, he is hard working, disciplined, committed, sociable and supportive. In this regard, I have no words to express his all rounded supports and visit during my difficult times of imprisonment. More important, to be mentioned in this regard is his firm courage to serve the public and stand on the side of truth/justice.

As a socially most responsible citizen, he sacrificed a lot in the establishment of National Amhara Movement Party (NaMA). He made all what is possible during our small scale discussions that led to the foundation of the party. This is the important scarification paid for ensuring wellbeing of Amhara people. NaMA, the young party truly represents the aspirations, national interests, rights and the people. Seen closely from the inside, Chiristian has been making the most visible contributionsthat have tremendous implications. He has special respect for and strong believe in women’s contributions. He is my sense of inspiration and encouraged me to attract more female members to the party.

Christian Tadele is a spokesperson for National Amhara Movement party. Under this capacity, comrade Chirstian has been playing a pivotal role in voicing the major questions of Amhara people. For instance, here some of them, just to mention a few.

  • Demanded the return of Amhara lands and identity 

According to him, the question of Wolqayit and Raya is the question of all Amharas. The decision to take Wolqayt and Rayato Tigray Region is made by exclusionary political decision. The Wolqayit and Raya people are demarcated forcefully without the will of Amhara people. They have been resisting TPLF’s ethnic domination such as the annexation of its fertile and historic territories, forceful displacement and social engineering, mass imprisonment and killing, inhumane treatment, socio-economic and political marginalization. This resistance against the TPLF /EPRDF regime got momentum with the revival of Amhara nationalism. These Amhara people and cultures need to be returned to their original identity. For this, restorative justice is demanded followed by reconciliation.

  • On the constitution

The Ethiopian constitution is drafted by entirely excluding the Amhara people. Amharas and Amhara political organizations were not represented. In addition, failure to fully implement and respect even the existing  constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, was one of the limiting factors for the democratization of Ethiopia.The constitution needs either substantial amendment or replacement by a more progressive one. Thus, Amharas need a more participatory reformulation of this constitution for a future democratic Ethiopia.

  • Exposed the dangerous move to dictatorship

He quite early clearly disclosed that the country and political leadership has fallen in to the hands of another dictatorship. He stressed that there is no change in terms of responding to the major questions of the Amhara people. Instead, what is taking place is change of dictators ”teregninet”.

  • Challenged the false narratives associated with Amhara people

The narratives that wrongly portrayed the Amhara as an oppressor ruling class has been disseminated through a systematic and calculated manner for many years. According to him and his party, Amharas have been subjects of injustice in various forms emanating from wrong these false labels attached to Amhara people by extreme political elites.

  • Questioned Amhara population and housing census

Amhara people are deliberately under counted for the last 30 years. Consequently, they have been under budgeted leading to less quality services from the government.

  • Ethnic cleansing on Amharas

There have been false narratives disseminating against the Amhara people. This has led to death, displacement and inhumane treatment of Amharas. Amhara people and his party have been asking for the government to bring blood handed people /parties to justice and compensation for betrayed Amhara people.

What followed then?

Hearing the here in above listed central questions and rising of organized Amharas, narrow nationalists have started to shiver. And the man who loudly voiced the long buried central questions of Amhara people has fallen into the eyes of evil eyed dictators and ended up in jail along with his fellow comrades. Cases presented against them, dramas going on in kangaroo courts handling the case and denial of basic human rights of prisoners, relatives and the public ignite suspicion even on the less informed ones.

From my knowledge as a sister, colleague and comrade, I would confess that Chiristian Tadele is a peace loving, pro-democracy and responsible citizen.  He is a man who raised the true questions of Amhara, the voiceless people. His only sin is standing beside and living for 50 million Amharas genuine questions. He is paying the price which is expected from all us. He proudly and firmly stood as a voice for the voiceless Amhara people. Thus, I demand the immediate release of the true voice of the voiceless Amhara people!!! Free him now!



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