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Ethiopian Victory at the climactic battle of  Adwa: March the 2nd. (Abiy Ethiopiawe)          

Ethiopian Victory at the climactic battle of  AdwaMarch the 2nd.

Abiy Ethiopiawe
         The Battle of Adwa (also called Adowa and Adua) was fought over two days (1st / 2nd March) between Ethiopian forces under Emperor Menelik II and the Italian forces were led by General Oreste Barataria. Invading Italian forces was the deciding battle in the First Italo-Ethiopian war and a turning point in modern African history with a European Colonial power.
        The 124th anniversary of “Ethiopian victory” at the battle of Adwa celebrated across the country of Ethiopia on Monday, March 2, 2020. On March 2, 1896, the invading Italian colonial army suffered a blowing defeat at the Battle of Adwa, in northern Ethiopia. The victory was so decisive that Italy soon recognised Ethiopian independence in the Treaty of Addis Ababa.

 History of Ethiopia.

The Battle of Adwa (also called Adowa and Adua) was fought over two days (1st / 2nd March) between Ethiopian forces under Emperor Menelik II and invading Italian forces, and was the deciding battle in the First Italo-Ethiopian war and a turning point in modern African history with a European Colonial power being defeated and Ethiopia being recognised as a sovereign nation-state by the European powers.
   All Ethiopian forces(Arebegnoch) gathered from each province to fight and defend Ethiopia and defeated an invading Italian force on Sunday 1 March 1896, near the town of Adwa in Tigray. Emperor Menelik of the II, successfully pitted Italy against its European rivals while stockpiling advanced weapons to defend Ethiopia and his empire against the Italians and British. Britain’s hands were with the Roman Empire secretly.
So, historian, suggested that there are several reasons why Italy was unable to successfully colonize Ethiopia, the two important and simple reasons are: they mentioned-
1) The Italians never had the manpower or the resources to control a country that was several times larger than Italy and…
2) The colonial policy was inefficient and stagnant.
       That was not true, the truth is and the facts showed, many foreigners were trying at different times to Colonize Ethiopia(Abyssinia)including the Romans Empire(now called Italy and the Arabs) and they will never win Ethiopia, because of the natural power and by the following tangible reasons as it has happened on the battle of Aduwa. 
1) The Ethiopian people have burning fire in their heart; when they fight nothing didn’t stop them from running forward to the enemy zone to kill immediately, even when there is a  guns shooting, they were 100% sure the last person is slaughtering him.
2) Ethiopian tactics and strategy were based on their own history( Menelik II continued the policy of Tewodros II of integrating Ethiopia. ) and terrain and this was largely unknown to the Italians, so basing their ideas on the British experience the Italians expected to face a force one-third of the size of Menelik’s Army. Arebenoch never misses when they shoot; the shooters were selected by Empress Taitu in a prudent way.
3) All the fighters follow the drumbeat (psychologically to full fill their strength; not to afraid death)and were singing individually, some of them murmuring with smile-face it’s like praying.
4) Some  infantry from countryside only have one spear and in their pocket ground red pepper to use on the enemy for burning their eyes.
5) From southern Ethiopia, which was not told, they brought Bees, Snakes other dangerous insects to filched lightly. 
6)Emperor Menelik and his wife were playing the game themselves on the battlefield emotionally and cautiously. Within two months the Emperor had raised 100,000 troops while the Empress Taitu raised 6,000.  This Army also included troops raised by Harer regional governors such as the future father of Emperor Haile Selassie, Ras Tafari Makonnen who commanded 12,000 troops.
7)They substitute new additional manpower Systematically by watching the weakest troops. Emperor Menelik of the II, forces are likely to have numbered in excess of 100,000, the majority being riflemen but also a large number of lance armed cavalry. The Italian battle plan was for 3 columns which could provide fire support to each other but overnight they become separated and were several miles apart in rugged terrain. The battle was a bloody affair with the Italians fighting hard despite being outnumbered. Slowly but surely the greater Ethiopian numbers had their toll. Albertone’s column broke first and then Dabormida’s column was cut off and fell back.  Brigadier Dabormida now made a fatal error as he retreated back into a narrow valley where Ethiopian lancers wiped them out, his body was never recovered.  The last of the invading army was slowly destroyed and by midday the battle was finished, over 7,000 Italians died with the Ethiopians suffering a similar number of casualties. The Italians taken prisoner were treated well but Ethiopian troops (around 800) who had fought for the Italians were mutilated with their right hands and left feet being cut off.
8) The Ethiopian Orthodox Monks, Priests, Patriatcs and female fighters were with them i.e the Ark (praying) near the battlefield. 
       On March the 1st and 2nd the Roman Empire Defeated by Ethiopian Empire for the first time in the world. The Roman Empire was Crucified, Jesus Crist our lord, these soldiers would mock Jesus, beat Him, spit on Him, and were cruelly stab Him with a spear. And even”They gave him vinegar  wine to drink mixed with gall; to be suffered and after tasting it, He was unwilling to drink. “Again to be suffered more, and Prior to the stab wound, the blood loss alone would have killed him in a few hours. That’s why on March  Sunday 1 March 1896  Ethiopian destroyed all those evil men shamefully. 
The invading of Italy’s under colonial rule during the so-called scramble for Africa, Ethiopia is a unique sovereign nation with a formidable army and a strong monarchy for 3000 years. 
But for being civilised Ethiopia had looked to Italy for financial and military support, it doesn’t mean to give our freedom to govern.
That was why Italy with Emperor Menelik Count Pietro Antonelli of Italy, on 2 May 1889, established the treaty after the Italian occupation of Eritrea. It was signed in a small town in Ethiopia named Wuchale, which is where the treaty got its name from.
 Unfortunately, the treaty had significant wording differences between the Italian and Ethiopian versions, with the Italians interpreting wrongly translated deliberately.  
The treaty as having made Ethiopia a protectorate of Italy only the Italian version; on the Amharic version had been written the opposite of  Italian version.
That was why Article 17 of WuchaleTreaty sabotage led to the First Italo-Ethiopian War in 1895; Italy didn’t want to solve by discussion the want to show their civilized power and rejected the peace talks. When we see the fact whoever wrote it the Wuchale treaty they wrote as we want individuals interest but not as a treaty; because of Article 17.
For Emperor Menelik the II it was advantageous because already trade some weapons and ammunition from them before the “Battle of Adwa” started. 
 After the defeat of the Roman Empire(Italy) at the battle of  Aduwa, the “Ethiopian Victory” called all Black people and raised their hand to fight where ever they are, emancipate from discrimination, open loudly to speak for the people of freedom to eliminate racism, they organise their powerful Soul by their own mind and their natural heart to show the world that’s what we are a “decent Human being”, without exception. And also there is a misunderstanding of the colour of human being and “there is no white person on the planet of earth.” If you want to know the truth unless you must not accept the fact: that is, “the weakness of the language is coming from the weak word of fact expressions.” God Bless the world! not Rome but Ethiopia is a good Example to be Good!
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