Ethiopia says no single death from Coronavirus disease so far - Borkena

Number of Coronavirus patients in Ethiopia climbed to 21 but there is not death from it so far, according to Ministry of Health


The number of Coronavirus Patients has now reached 21 but no deaths so far, but there are cases of recovery.

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health said on Sunday that there is no single death from Coronavirus so far in any part of the country. The statement noted that deliberate fake news is being disseminated on social media and that misinformation could be socially and psychologically damaging.

The Ministry advised the public that up to date and accurate information on the status of COVID 19 in the country could be obtained from a relevant government department. It has also called on the public to resist those who are deliberately disseminating false information.

Moreover, it called on people to adhere to prevention measures to curb the spread of the virus.

Last week, Ethiopia arrested a Youtuber who allegedly reported that government authorities had ordered 200,000 graves to be dug.

The Ministry of Health itself is updating its social media pages with the latest information regarding the disease.

Meanwhile, the Ministry announced on Sunday that Public Health Institute had confirmed two more COVID 19, which makes the total number of patients in the country 21.

The latest confirmed patients are identified as a 38 years old man and 35 years old women both of whom are said to have travel history to Dubai. They are getting medical help in the center for COVID patients in the capital Addis Ababa.

Those with whom they had contacts are being traced, according to the statement from the Ministry of health.

The statement added that “Currently there are seventeen (17) cases in isolation and treatment centers with one of the patients receiving intensive care.”  Last week, two Japanese nationals who were in the COVID 19 care center were sent back to their country upon their request.

In a related development, regional states across the country are taking additional measures to prevent COVID transmission.

Amhara Regional State said on Sunday that it would not allow public transportation to and from the region from any directions. The regulation is in effect from midnight local time on March 29. The only exception, according to Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA), is University students from the region who are returning to the region. Security forces are instructed to enforce it.

Last week, Tigray regional state took similar measures banning intra-regional movements between urban centers and the countryside.

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