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Massacre of innocent citizens in Wollega...! (Obang Metho)

Massacre of innocent citizens in Wollega…!

Obang Metho

Another gut wrenching and heartbreaking news of the massacre of innocent citizens in Wollega, western Oromia, in Guliso zone, Guliso wereda and Gawwa Qanqa kebele.
I am deeply saddened by the loss of so many lives. Grief and hardship from these losses are affecting families, communities and Ethiopians throughout the country and world.
According to the account from surviving eye witnesses, the killings took place shortly after the evacuation of members of the federal armed forces from the area.
I am sick to my stomach about the unjust killings of innocent people throughout Ethiopia. I’m tired of the pain I feel every time people are targeted and killed because of their ethnicity or religious affiliation.
The Guliso massacre is the deadliest slaughter of innocents and horrified. It left a scene of heart-wrenching devastation. Blood was still splattered on the floor. When will these barbaric ethnic cleansing ends?
I call on the Ethiopian citizens to stand together because you are our only hope for the future. We are in a desperate place, resulting from our failure to value each other and humanity before ethnicity. Instead, we have turned away in rebellion, pride and self-reliance, thinking we do not need each other. But now, we are in the midst of such a grave crisis of ethnic federalism and ethnic extremism that it threatens our very survival as a people and country.
I come to you the people of Ethiopia for your help and guidance in leading us out from the pit of despair, misery and suffering
We the people must replace the ingredients that are poisoning our society—the tribalism, deceit, blaming, sabotage, destructive competition, victim mentality and moral weakness that results in our failing to stand together.
Unless we stand together as a citizens, ethnic hatred and ethnic extremists will continue to claim the lives and futures of the Ethiopian people.
We must not be blinded by hatred! We must warn these people to not simply react with great emotion coming from their grief and anger, but to think before they commit crimes for which they will later be held accountable.
We must realize that all the signs are there that the extremists wants us Ethiopian kill each other. Do not become like the extremists— agents of death! Our pain does not justify killing of the innocent!
We all must stand up for higher principles and avoid greater disaster! Do not fall into the trap set up by the extremists to make us fail. Persevere, support and grieve through this until together, we see the light!
All of us must stop this horrible brutality and join together to fight for peace, justice and the rule of law. Do not fight against yourself, ourselves and our brothers and sisters by joining in with actions that are sure to lead us to greater despair.
Let’s value the humanity of others, putting humanity before ethnicity or any other differences and caring about these others like we care about ourselves, not only because it is right thing to do, but because no one is free until all are free.
Long live Ethiopia
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