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Urgent Press Release: Human Rights Situation in Tigray Region requires an immediate solution - EHRCO

Human Rights Situation in Tigray Region requires an immediate solution.

January 22, 2021
The Ethiopian Human Rights Council- EHRCO is a non-profit, independent and impartial, human rights organization that does not favour any political party, religious institution, ethnic  group, social class, etc., and stands to defend human rights.
Due to the conflict in the Tigray region and its environs, EHRCO is gravely concerned about the  scale of human rights abuses against unarmed civilians, conflict-prone displacement in the area,  the plight of people vulnerable to suspicion and discrimination based on ethnicity, and the need  for urgent humanitarian assistance. As a result of the problem in the region, a six-month state of  emergency is declared limiting the human rights of the people. Among these limitations, EHRCO  has learned that people have been targeted by security forces for violating curfews. For instance, journalists Dawit Kebede and Bereket Berhe were reportedly killed by security forces on January  19, 2021. The legitimacy of such measures is highly doubtful.
EHRCO has received numerous allegations of human rights abuses, including rape, extra-judicial  killings, arbitrary detention, and hostage-taking during and after the war. Women, children,
people with disabilities, and the elderly are the main victims of these abuses. In other parts of the  country also, EHRCO has received numerous complaints of arrests, harassment, and discrimination  against Tigrayans.
On the other hand, residents have been troubled and suffering for the past three months due to  the lack of banking services in all but a few areas, the disruption of basic services such as  electricity, water, and telephone, unpaid government workers, and poor health care facilities in numerous parts of the region….
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