Temesghen Dessalegn and Abraha Desta [Prof. Mesfin Wolde-Mariam]


Temesgen Desalegn photoAbrha DestaWithin the last one year several young women and men have been unjustly detained and silenced. Among these are several
journalists and political leaders, as well as the zone-nine bloggers. I say unjustly detained because none of them has gone beyond an attempt to exercise her or his constitutional rights. All of them are persons with a keen sense of responsibility of citizenship of their country. In other countries such men and women would have been singled out for recognition; and in fact some of these men and women have attained international recognition as a direct consequence of the harassment they suffered under the Weyyane regime: Iskindir Nega and Reeyot Alemu, for instance.
Since the day George Bush announced from his global pedestal :”those who are not with us are against us.” Meles Zenawi and his gullible and obedient hangers-on opportunistically jumped in the Band Wagon to fight Al Qaida, two consequences have ensued to make Ethiopia the wailing country in Africa. One is that with US assistance the Ethiopian people fell under the most tribalist, barbarous and pernicious regime the Ethiopian people have experienced in their long history. CIA has pumped millions of dollars, the kind of assistance that is enormous in size and utterly futile and ineffectual in purpose. After so much costly experience from Latin America to Asia, the US government has not yet learnt that training terrorists will not eliminate terrorism; on the contrary, it will feed and boost terrorism. It will not be long for the CIA to experience once more in the Horn of Africa what they failed to learn in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan in recent years.
No Ethiopian, except those that are under the CIA zone of false comfort will want to see Ethiopia becoming like another Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan. Ethiopia, God’s country, will ultimately triumph.
The other consequence is the corollary of the first. The Ethiopian regime was so confident of its mighty master that it completely forgot ETHIOPIA, the ETHIOPIAN HISTORY, the ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE, the ETHIOPIAN CONSTITUTION, the AFRICA CHARTER, the UN CHARTER, the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION, the RELIGIOUS COMMISSION …
Once all standards of morality, of law, and of civil society are thrown out and trampled, the WEYYANE-EPRDF, with US might, feels that nothing will stop it from exerting its brutal will on young people in Ethiopia. Ethiopia will suffer greatly as a result of the imprisonment of all these young people for the uncontrollable fear the weyyane have. The Weyyane do not obviously have the necessary gray matter to appreciate the heroic task these detained young women and men, especially Temesghen and Abraha; but I have no doubt that they will soon be forced to learn.

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