The Ethiopian Crisis of Lumpen Rich PP and TPLF (Biruk Desalegn)

The Ethiopian Crisis of Lumpen Rich PP and TPLF 

Biruk Desalegn

The current war in Ethiopia is nothing more than a war between lumpen rich EPRDF gangsters. EPRDF was basically a front composed of TPLF, Biaden (ANDM), and OPDO. In the past three years while we expect the dismantling of the whole evil setup of this front, rather we experienced rebranding, unseen atrocities and power struggle of the same old dogs, senseless war and chaos everywhere in the country. Now Ethiopia is facing the trio fronts namely the new branch of EPRDF called PP (Prosperity Party), the old branch as represented by TPLF and the ill advised (if not evil), corrupt American involvement. 

EPRDF was an anti intellectual front whose only intellectual but evil minded leader (MZ) said; “who ever accepting EPRDF’s programme could be a minister”. Thus the front becomes a machinery of converting lumpen people into lumpen rich. The past 30 years produced more than enough lumpen rich Tigreans called TPLF, lumpen rich Oromos called OPDO and lumpen rich Amharas called Biaden through the so called civil service college and the likes. While PP is protestant TPLF is atheist; both being anti Orthodox Tewahido and Islam. Even though there was a leader change in 2018, these same lumpen rich power elites in the civil service, military and the private sector, produced with the EPRDF machinery are still in power today. They are now rich enough with 30 years of looting and corruption. There is no ethnic or any ideological reason behind them but maintaining their economic hegemony. 

The war between EPRDF lumpen rich is the extension of the mistake made in 1991 by the incompetent Herman Cohen and the then US administration. Americans didn’t differentiate between Mengistu and the people of Ethiopia and hence they not only cooperated with anti Ethiopian forces of trans Ethiopians (TPLF, EPLF and OLF) but they deliberately avoided Ethiopian Nationalists. Then there was a strong Ethiopian National movement capable of transforming the country to a better position. Due to the influence and ill advice of Americans we lost that opportunity. Instead, the Americans while undermining and suppressing Ethiopian Nationalist activities explicitly, they supported the evil   EPRDF bunch of lumpen rich for 27 years financing them with tens of billions of dollars and continue their support for another three worst years of the same EPRDF lumpen rich with a new brand called PP. Now while Ethiopia desperately needs a regime change, for some reason the Americans seem to be behind another leader change and preparing to bring another version of EPRDF. Though we are not sure of the exact version, some sort of lumpen rich trans and opportunist Ethiopians seem to be their favorites. Ethiopian Nationalists are out of their list. 

American’s are amazing people. The hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations committee at the end of May about Tigray is evidently a proof for their world power status in the world. The concern of members and the details they go through about this Ethiopian burning issue shows their amazing nature and institutional setup. When one compares their deep concern against us, the owners of the problem represented by the Ethiopian parliament session carried out latter, one could not deny the gap between our mind and the Americans. No wonder that their GDP per capita is 93,959 USD while ours is 957 USD. Is it an exaggeration to explain the huge gap with mental retardedness? Of course some will try to excuse our mental retardedness with the rampant political prostitution in the country. However one cannot escape such a huge gap with such lame excuse any more. There is something wrong with the present collective Ethiopian mind. The bitter truth is that we are led by such low IQ parliament, government and PM who are the product of our last 30 years low IQ society. It is time to admit at least our lowest IQ level in the world as determined by a latest survey.  Externalization of this fundamental problem will not serve us good. 

Currently the Ethiopian propaganda space rather than dealing with the real internal issues becomes anti West. Given the level of IQ mentioned above it is understandable. However as Ethiopians we have to look from another aspect as well. Consider the agenda of leader change. Americans seem to be for a leader change agenda. What is wrong with that? Think of numerous barbaric destructions in Shashemene, Wolega, Benshangul, Ataye, Tigray, and everywhere. If a leader is not capable of defending its citizens from such barbaric acts what is his role? The PM should resign like what ex pm Haile Mariam did.  After all the PM is directly and indirectly responsible for the Amhara genocide underway in Wolega as recently as last week. 

Since the people are unable to change such a leader or the government is not taking measures and improving the security of citizens, the Western plan for a leader change is an opportunity for the country. Why not change not only the leader but the regime as well?  The PM as usual, as if he does not hear about the recent killing of 300 innocent Ethiopians says nothing about their death. His government, his media and paid opportunists do not say a word about this horrendous phenomenon. A regime change is rather the least for such a low IQ, lumpen rich state of affairs. It has to be a regime change.

From their perspective, Americans are supporting TPLF but do they have any other alternative to promote their leader change agenda? Who is there to be supported by the Americans in today’s Ethiopia who can challenge PP? Let alone with arms even in strategic thinking? No political entity is brave enough to support either leader or regime change. No one! Therefore in whatever manner to change the leader they will use, the only available stock i.e. TPLF. 

If our Ethiopian mind is not deeply delusional, where is the outrage, request for the resignation of the PM, the government, deep sorrow for our innocent people murdered by the government/OPDO/OLF? People in Addis Ababa act as if they did not hear this inhuman barbaric genocide, they are busy with their daily life. What a moral bankruptcy! But it is a matter of time, one way or the other, God will revenge. Revenge on murderers as well as we the silent collaborators is inevitable.

Ethiopian opposition politics is also not matured enough to identify the real enemies of Ethiopia namely the EPRDF lumpen rich PP and TPLF. Cursing Americans, insulting their officials and dancing here and there with false consciousness will not take us anywhere. Degenerate politicians, pseudo intellectuals, opportunists, immature so called activists/journalists and trans Ethiopians are leading this country to a deep crisis. If there are genuine intellectuals it is time to show us the path for true Ethiopian nationalism.

Obviously the PM is incompetent and leading Ethiopia beyond his capacity. People are expecting what they wish rather than what he is capable. He cannot help them! His only quality of leadership is the rare element absent in most able people – ambition. His ambition and thirst for power is the only character which enables him to this position. One of the reasons of failure of our able politicians is lack of ambition and determination to hold power. In this respect, psychopathic people are rich in these characters who outperform normal, shy and half hearted people. However ambition alone cannot make a real leader. 

His capacity as a charlatan pastor (as someone rightly called him before two years) is very limited to convening and preaching self deceiving hundreds of people in a hall.  His foreign consultants which are good at agenda setting helped him in the disinformation campaign. However you cannot lead a poor country by diverting people’s attention forever. He misunderstood the heavy burden of leading a country like Ethiopia which is beyond the capacity of even the collected mind of all politicians in the country with a crazy daydream of becoming a 7th king.

Lumpen rich supporters of him raise his status assuming as if he posses all the best qualities of a leader. This is not because he rightly deserves such a class or they love him but it is because they know they will continue looting and grabbing benefits or they will gain new benefits if and only if he is in power. However, the cost of maintaining their benefits is going to be paid by tens of millions of poor people through bad governance, unemployment, poverty and moral decay.

Imagine a leader of a country with three thousand years of history being busy with planting trees and flowers while his archenemy is controlling historic lands of the country. More importantly he left for Turkey instead of meeting and challenging the US special envoy to the Horn of Africa.  Encouraged by those who do not understand real politics and are busy with insulting and cursing the West, this childish act of him will have a serious consequence for him, PP and the country at large. The brag in the social media of hollow nationalism and aggressiveness will not pay him a cent. 

Americans are the most aggressive people on earth. Since they have both the soft and hard power they deserve it. Though the slap in the face of the US by the PM is a divine revenge for what they did in the past thirty years against Ethiopian Nationalism, to insult them at this level is nothing less than stupidity.

Lumpen rich PP is weak without Western help which may vanish into thin air with a little push by them. In real terms, EPRDF is gone; On the other hand the new TPLF is not the same as the old one. The old TPLF is destroyed beyond repair despite Western propaganda and aid. Thus the future holds a great opportunity for Ethiopian Nationalists. However as repeated in history there is a possibility of missing this opportunity as well. If most of us continue to remain as bystanders and wait for the Americans to knock our doors and say; ‘Hey you Ethiopian Nationalist please come and participate in the national dialogue’, we will definitely lose the opportunity once more and kill the hope of the next generation. 

To have a seat on the negotiation table one must have AK-47 or a pen. Currently the commanding AK-47 is with the trans Ethiopians, i.e. the EPRDF lumpen rich PP and TPLF as well as so called OLA, no Ethiopian nationalist organized force is armed. 

Thus presently it is only through the pen that the Ethiopian nationalists could fight. In this respect one of the greatest weaknesses of our political parties is, except the first two (EPRP and Meison), that all are not intellectual parties, most of them being run by non intellectual part-timers. That is why all of them are parroting peaceful struggle as if they are capable of armed struggle as well. The truth is most parties do not really understand what a peaceful struggle is. A peaceful struggle is a struggle more difficult and spiritual. A peaceful struggle is a struggle of the pen and the word like what the great Tadios Tantu is doing single handedly. A peaceful struggle is what Eskindir Nega has been and is doing. A peaceful struggle costs too much like what Tadious, Eskindir and many are paying for. While they are sacrificing themselves dearly we the people continue our daily life forgetting these giants behind bars.  What a shame! Where is the peaceful struggle which costs nothing other than a poster stating ‘Free Tadious Tantu!’,’ Free Eskindir Nega!” in every YT, FB, website and all digital media? Of course pro PP bigtech will block us since they are anti Ethiopian Nationalism; however we must make every effort for their freedom.

As far as the struggle of the pen is concerned while there are few outstanding serious intellectuals who persistently fight for Ethiopia like Achamyeleh Tamiru, most old guards of PhDs are clumsy ones serving PP, while at the extreme side we are witnessing the turncoat intellectual ‘whore’ professor Al Mariam. The word whore is not mine it is his word. In one of his earlier best articles about Ethiopian intellectuals, the professor said “I always pray that Ethiopian intellectuals will never become ‘whores’ to dictators as the distinguished Ghanaian economist George Ayittey has warned of African intellectuals in general”. Who is the whore today?  

Peaceful struggle is setting the agenda not receiving it from PP. Our opposition parties are incapable of setting the agenda which is a clear indication of lack of intellectual capacity. The only recent agenda I know formulated by the opposition at the right time was that of the end of the legitimacy of the government on Meskerem 30, 2013. That was a real agenda setting and a wise one for which the country is now paying huge costs. Had it been supported by intellectuals of all sort and promoted by all opposition groups, Ethiopia would have been different and without a doubt in a better position than the mess we are in this rainy season of 2013. 

However we the people ignored the agenda and followed the path of lumpen rich PP towards the June 2021 election and get what we deserve – huge humiliations not for Ethiopia but also for humanity: almost a 100 per cent win for PP. Once we ignored the real agenda it is natural to face the consequence and accept humiliation after humiliation for the wrong path we followed. 

To begin with, as soon as election was held the well prepared PM supported by his foreign consultants announced that he left the Tigray region so that Westerners could accept his sham election.  Then, the worst treasonous lady of the decade declared PP as the 2021 election winner in Addis with almost hundred percent vote. Next,  Korum, Alamata, Kobo, Lalibela were left for TPLF by the PP government so that election results of Addis will be forgotten. The PM assumed to divert election issues from the public mind until his inauguration in October. For the sack of diverting people’s attention he jumped into a huge strategic mistake of abruptly leaving Tigray. He does not have the spiritual background of a true Ethiopian leader to realize leaving Tigray to the TPLF evils is the beginning of the end of himself and PP.  

On the other hand the last three years disclosed the true nature of our much expected intellectual diaspora which proved to be nonexistent. Certainly there is a significant contribution of the diaspora collectively through remittance. However our diaspora is not a unified or at least reasonably organized entity in a position of strength which is again the result of lack of intellectuals, able leaders, clear thinking and commitment. Instead it is rallying with cheer leaders of go fund me like the degenerate Tamagn Beyene. 

A country of million diasporas does not have even a single satellite TV run by the diaspora to represent the oppressed view of hundred million Ethiopians. Even we do not have more than one or two websites.   As to the so called social media in Ethiopia, it is by nature not for intellectuals – it is simply becoming a cyber public toilet, dominated by PP paid parrots. 

Consider TV broadcasting to Ethiopia and imagine the information gap for tens of millions of Ethiopians without Mereja TV.  Mereja TV is the only outlet for Ethiopians which serves revealing the reality. In this regard Elias Kifle is a man worthy of million diaspora. Elias and his partners are doing what the visionary Eskindir has been planning – to establish a satellite TV which was illegally blocked by the regime, but not pursued by dedicated diaspora. The Ethiopian diaspora is even not capable of funding a meager amount to run Merega TV smoothly.

Thanks to the open Mereja TV we are evaluating the level of thinking, knowledge and exposure levels of our so called elites, commentators and activists/journalists from the opposition side. Without overlooking the existence of hidden Ethiopian intellectuals, the present stock of elites, commentators and activists is mediocre. We Ethiopians are sometimes too much proud, but concretely speaking; of what…with the existing level of mediocre intellectualism? Inevitably some will bring the cliché that there is a silent majority, however they better call it by its name – if not none existent majority, it is dormant majority. No visibility, no commitment means none existence.

As a side note to the dominant commentators in Mereja TV  they should realize that what Ethiopia needs now is not comments on the PP press release or TPLF’s bad mouthing. Ethiopia needs new ideas, new thinking and new government to get out of the current mess. By propagating 40% of their time in mirroring government and TPLF misinformation they are serving PP and TPLF rather than the people which should be replaced by tangible solutions and strategies presented to the people proactively. Focus should be on solutions since we know more than enough about the problem. Stop demoralizing and desensitizing the people.

To conclude; Ethiopia is at a historical juncture of great opportunity of at least a national dialogue since self correcting measures by the two EPRDF lumpen rich, PP and TPLF is impossible.

Who knows with the level of low IQ and indifference of most able citizens, with the support of the Americans, we may see the unlikely re-coming of lumpen rich TPLF, and reconciliation between PP and TPLF, or simply another leader change rather than regime change.  In both cases lumpen rich trans Ethiopians will win and Ethiopian Nationalism will be doomed.

Ultimately we are going to get the government we deserve; there is no better future without sacrifice. If we fight for Ethiopian Nationalism we will have a broad based nationalist government. If we are not getting out and stand for our rights either of the idiot lumpen rich trans Ethiopian groups will enslave us and run this country for decades. 

We must stop externalizing our problems. It is time to face the ugly truth of our irresponsible internal affairs. We are responsible for the downfall of our country, not the Westerners. The devilish PP and TPLF as well as wickedness in every one of us, Ethiopians is the real reason for our demise. We should not forget that since our government budget is almost by half foreign aid or loan, we are rather becoming a burden for the west. 

We understand the common denominator of PP, TPLF and the US is a devilish agenda. Leaving the spiritual challenge with world powers to an everlasting agenda for humanity, our immediate task should be gathering our resources and energy  defending Ethiopian Nationalism  in a national dialogue and challenge lumpen rich TPLF and PP both and at the same time. With the golden rule of forgiving but not forgetting we must focus on the future rather than digging in the past. Let us stand up and fight both of them at the same time. Since Ethiopia will be better without this lumpen rich gangster groups all ordinary members of PP and TPLF should also rally round a national dialogue agenda for the sack of themselves, their family and their future.

Free Tadios Tantu!

Free Eskindir Nega!

Free all political prisoners!

National dialogue Now!

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