Ethiopians in SA march against “terrorist war’ in Tigray - Jones Maleka

Ethiopians in SA march against “terrorist war’ in Tigray


By Jones Maleka for African View News

Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia from all parts of South Africa together today (22 November, 2021) embarking on a peaceful protest by marching to the American embassy and the European Union to “stop their unjust support to the terrorist TPLF initiated war” that started November 4, 2020 that is still going on over a year against Ethiopia.

“The external powers like the USA are supporting terrorist TPLF to repeat the disaster that was done in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and many other countries from Asia, Latin America and Africa very sadly on Ethiopia. This internal ethnic terrorist TPLF with external actor support is doing war against Ethiopia that has created gross humanitarian crises in all parts of Ethiopia. This has been very heart-breaking to all of us that is why we marched today by coming from all parts of South Africa”, a statement issued by the Generation to Generation Movement One voice said.

The movement said America should have promoted the Humanity Saviour Industrial Complex, not rely on the military-industrial complex where industries produce military equipment and the consumer of the equipment is done through wars.

“So many military bases from America and others in our Africa exacerbate conflicts. This must be stopped. America should value humanity not the military industrial complex. The European Union also must join the humanity saviour one world community with all in Asia, Africa and Latin America. They should all value the cherished humanity saviour philosophy from the Africa-Ubuntu.

Generation to Generation Movement One Voice said Ethiopia that has resisted all the colonial onslaughts is now in danger with internal colonially tarnished ethnic divider politicians allying with the Biden Government and others in Europe to destroy her existence.

“They are plotting to divide Ethiopia by creating Ethnic based republics. This danger they are pursuing against Ethiopia will never succeed as we all Ethiopians will resist as we now march and request all in the world to know this cruelty against Ethiopia is an evil act”.

“We appeal all in the world to join us and stop all these external and internal war mongers to recognise the evil war they have waged over one year killing so many innocent children, young girls and boys, mothers and fathers based on ethnic division”.

Movement CEO Gezahegn Sumamo Guche said: “We appeal to the USA Government and the EU to condemn and reject the TPLF and its ethnic fracturing politics and support fully the Ethiopian Government to create stable, peaceful and legitimate rule of law to make the welfare and public service of the people and Ethiopia the priority of priorities. They must respect the sovereignty of Ethiopia by rejecting the TPLF’s currently overwhelming global media campaigns to undermine the integrity, peace and stability of Ethiopia”.

“All the international media CNN, BBC, Al je zerea and all others must stop the massive misinformation and disinformation campaign. So many international human rights, social media, journalists, scholars and politicians from the Western world are spreading the false narrative that the TPLF social media is spreading. The TPLF has even published in Wikipedia an Axum massacre narrative. All these media outrages are the TPLF’s public relations offensive against the Government of Ethiopia that has not countered effectively this with an effective public relations diplomacy to reach the entire Western world” Guche added.

“The appeal to the USA, EU, UN and all others in the world is to support the unity of Ethiopia and reject the divisive TPLF terrorist ethnic politicians that created so much disaster by seeking power by killing people”, Guche concluded.

By Jones Maleka for African View News

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