TPLF in tatters. (By Mastewal Desalew)

TPLF in tatters. 

By: Mastewal Desalew

The TPLF is in Tatters. Last week its army was marching South to control Addis Ababa, but in the past few days, they are routed in different battlefields in Amhara and Afar. Tens of thousands of TPLF soldiers are in disarray cutoff from Tigray encircled deep in Amhara region (in Wollo and North Shewa).
The two supply routes that connect TPLF headquarter with its forces in Amhara region are severed. Fanno disrupted the Gashena-Lalibela-Seqota-Tigray route last week; today the ENDF, Amhara regional forces (ARF) and Fanno controlled the strategic town of Gashena (formerly Segale)—located at a mountain and a cross section of two highways.  The Dessie-Woldia-Tigray route is also severed at different places. In Afar, TPLF forces are driven out of the region.
Getachew Reda and Tsadqan G/Tensae recently bragged that TPLF will control Addis Ababa and the Ethio-Djibouti highway in few days or weeks. But now they could not tell for sure if their hideout in Mekelle is safe; that is in addition to the drones.
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