January 14 hearing: Rudeness by police towards family members [Zone9ers'trial']

photo by zone 9ersFamilies and friends of the jailed bloggers and journalists waited under a burning sun. It was time for the 15th trial at Lideta High Court. 

As usual there was not enough space in the court room.  Most family members, friends, journalists and diplomats could not take part of the session. This recurring issue leads to that family members cannot attend to support their loved ones. This is of course very disappointing to everyone involved. There were also reports of rudeness and mistreating by the police towards family members.

Most trials are short, but today’s session was shorter than usual. During earlier sessions an amendment of the terrorism charges was ordered (more on this below). Last time, amended charges were presented, but according to the judges some details had still not been amended. Further amendment on these details was ordered. During today’s hearing, the charges were presented again, but according to reports no new amendments had been made to them. The court will decide on the amendment during the next hearing.

The trial is adjourned for the 16th time. The next session will take place on January 28, 2015.


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