OMN Breaking: The military has officially taken over Oromia

Jawar Mohammed

OMN imagesToday high ranking military, intelligence and federal police officers held emergency security meeting with President of Oromia, Muktar Kedir, at his office located in Addis Ababa. The meeting was chaired by General Asefa Abiyu,Commissioner of Federal Police and Muktar Kedir, President of Oromia. In attendance were mostly military officers above the rank of Colonel and commanders of federal police.

Intelligence Officers presented analysis and assessment of security situation in Oromia, which concluded the civilian leadership has failed to contain the situation hence the matter is now a national security crisis. They proposed the military formally take over security operations in the region. Accordingly Oromia has been subdivided into eight ( 8) military regions ( wetderawi ketena) each to be led by military generals. Civilian administration is cooperate and report to the commanding generals. The generals are to report to a command post which includes chief of armed forces, intelligence and federal police. Oromo generals strongly opposed the decision but no one heard them.

This is an official coup d’etat against civilian leaders in Oromia and perhaps the first step towards staging one at federal level. Stay tune for more details about which generals are put in charge and analysis of how this impacts the ongoing conflict. #‎OromoProtests‬


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