Habtamu Ayalew Medical Fund

This is regarding our brother and a dear son of Ethiopia, Habtamu Ayalew.

Dear fellow Ethiopians,

We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for your generosity in support of Habtamu Ayalew’s Medical Fund. Nine months ago, because many from all over the world answered our call, we could raise money for Habtamu medical expenses, which Habtamu used to cover many of his expenses in Ethiopia for his numerous hospitalizations and intense and months long follow-up with Doctors, which made all efforts, to at least stabilize him.

We are at last very happy to have our friend, Habtamu Ayalew with us here in United States of America. After a very long and painful process, during which he had been illegally and immorally denied to get highly needed medical care abroad, by the prayers and financial support of Ethiopians all over the world, and the help of the Almighty God, Habtamu has started treatment in America. Unfortunately, he can’t afford to cover surgery cost on his own and we are creating this GoFundMe account for anybody that would like to donate towards medical surgery and living expenses.

We are honestly happy to say that we are thankful for the people who support him in the past and we will forever be grateful! So if you’d like to help him please share this, any donations will be appreciated! We appreciate any help that we receive GREATLY!

Habtamu will need again our help and prayers; they tortured him and inflicted heavy pains on him. However Habtamu will soon be healthy and we will see soon the Habtamu we all knew.

With Appreciation Gratitude and Love,

Thank You

His friends
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