Drunk Ethiopian embassy official threatens to ‘start war’ with Turkey

Hurriyet Daily News

An official from the Ethiopian Embassy in Ankara, who was reportedly drunk, threatened police officers he would “start a war” between Ethiopia and Turkey after he was involved in two traffic accidents on Nov. 26.

Numbers of police officers were dispatched to the scene after the accidents on the suspicion he had been driving under the influence, as he had denied an alcohol test, saying he did not drink alcoholic beverages.

After he was urged by police officers, he threatened them saying he would ignite a diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Ethiopia.

One of the witnesses, Burak Ayaydın, whose car was hit in one of the two accidents, said the suspect threatened to “start a war” with Turkey.

“This person hit another car down the road. He drove off from there and then hit us. He was assigned to an embassy of a country. The person is drunk. He did not accept to take an alcohol test and called for ‘war between Ethiopia and Turkey.’” People who witnessed the incident also said he actually said that,” Ayaydın said.

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