A Call for Help for the Ethiopian People and the International Community!

We are urging the international community to be concerned about the rights and freedoms of all individuals, institutions and individuals, and to bring the people of the world to justice for the actions of any citizen of the country.

38 of the defendants in the plaintiff’s possession

“Our pixel is taken off by Pinnacle. We had a sting of stinging tattoos in Ethiopia. They have scrapped our property. Treatment is forbidden. Neurological, psychological and diverse diseases and crises. We have been denied our unlawful access to our family for 3 months because we told the judge that we were guilty of this crime.

Amhara and Guraya Ginbot 7, Oromo Oromie, have been abducted as al-Shabaab by Muslims. We have been sent a copy to the Addis Ababa Police Commission to investigate the perpetrators of human rights violations against us, but so far no one has spoken to us. As a result, we are forced to apply for a global human rights commission, which is responsible for protecting human rights. “

We were denied the bail in our previous charges, and as under no circumstances were we detained in the same prison as any other prisoner, on August 28, 2008, in the Kilinto Prison, because of the fires that led to the ” They shot him in front and burned them in the fire.
The Throne castle, which was built in the Buzieme Mosque in the Buzieme, was made by the chief investigator, Alemayehu, who was led by the Chief Inspector of Alemayehu, for the investigation of the incident.
We were chained, beaten, and beaten. Our map is pinned by Pinnacle. We were fired by an electrician. Our legs and back are scratched in nails. They scrutinized our heads. Two liters of water were dumped in our body of detainees. Others have been endlessly abused.
What happened?Human Rights December 12, 2009 • We also have to take a photo to show and explain to the court, but the court did not accept our request. When we returned to Kilinto Prison, we went to jail until March 12, 2009, “If you go to court, you do not bring anything to it!” Until March 12, 2009. • For 3 months, we had been locked up in a dark, light house, and had been stolen until our eyes were yellow.
Government officials who are so poorly accounted for such abuses that are too weak to resign themselves from accountability to a handful of prison officials are deciding on our political decision. They sell their consciences, and they have done such a terrible thing to us, and we have committed suicide.
The Human Rights Commission of Ethiopia was taken to Shwory Robit Prison, and the Commissioner for Human Rights, who has been detained for more
 than 10 months, has presented the truth to the court in detail. The court also made an appointment for November 29, 2010, to submit a report on the human rights commission com- mittee.

Comment on the report of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission:

1) The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (IHG) does not fully complement its inhuman acts.

2) It is disappointing that the Commission of Inquiry has made a very frightful report suggesting that the Commissioner of Human Rights (ECHO) has committed a serious human right on the part of the Commission and that the Commissioner should investigate the case. The fact that the office was aware of the facts, reporting how much the Office of Security had affected and a lack of self-confidence.

3) We are disappointed by the writings of the Addis Ababa Police and members of the medical team to investigate or investigate inhumane acts against us. One is the Addis Ababa Police Commission, where we have acted inhumanely. We should not be told to tell a dog that we have attacked.

4) Is embassy in this way (small enough) to thank the injustice of the prosecution. Because it tells us how much police has given us and we are recording videos for our documentary film. It is in the courtroom that 27 (2) word is a document that we can use to refuse.

Opinion on the House of Peoples ‘Representatives and Federal Prisoners:
We were members of the House of Peoples’ Representatives and did not investigate whether we had come for a test or not. They did not report any reports. We were so disappointed. It is but a public representative,

1) The Federal Prisons Administration knows the truth, we are charged with inciting accusations, under criminal law, and taken to Shewebel Prison,

  • Because he had convicted and imprisoned inmates at the correctional office by taking them to Kaliti Prison,
  • We were shocked by the horrors of being tortured by family members in cooperation with the de facto investigators.

2) Because of this Ethiopian indifference to our race and our religion, we have been burdened down with heartfelt persecution for years. Our dead friends! Kill you! Fate We Succeed We Suffer We! Do not you fear the Creator? Not injustice? Will not your children be yours tomorrow? Is other enemy of the Tigrayans an enemy? too bad!

3) Kenilton Prison There is no other leadership than my assignment. There is no educated or mature administration. Anger, regret, and ignorance. Most of those who were staunch and racist were some of the other non-elusive outsiders out there. This has helped them to commit cruelty and contemptuous acts. That’s why we go to court and be whipped. We are led by the incomprehensible leaders because we spend the night in the dark.

At the time of the blast, Chief Superintendent Superintendent Ashin Akpani reported that the suspects were not harmed at the time of the fire. Human Rights Commission investigators knew of the damage we were in! It is a demonstration of the type of hand we are dealing with. 
A complaint against the 19th Criminal Cases of the 19th Criminal Court was
scheduled to be heard on the day of August 1 to 12, 2009, but the other proceedings were redrafted, but we did not get in by the judges before 4 am.
For this, we are scheduled to attend the fifth half of the year from December 23 to January 3, 2010, to hear the remaining prosecutors. We were disappointed. “Delayed delay is considered a ban.”
2) In the court, it is disappointing for the families of all families, our families, and anyone who wants to take care of us and wants to be in the courtroom, lack of sufficient space in the courtroom, courtroom trial, trial of judges.

We call for help to the Ethiopian people and the international community!

1) This claim is owned by. The charge to the owners! The charge is a prisoner’s house arrest officers and policemen. 

2) If the truth is the government and the law, then the charge against us must be terminated. We have a lot of secrets. Top government officials should come and talk to us.

3) At the national security meeting, Major Investigator Alemayehu Hawwi, the Central Police Commissioner, is required by law to create and enforce the inhumane act of genocide.

4) We call on the international community to help bring justice to the human rights and freedoms of every citizen of the country because we are bound for the International Human Rights Commission in Genoa.

5) From December 23 to January 3, 2010, we call on the prosecutor to make false accusations and false statements.

6) Out of 38 of the defendants in the Kenilo Prison, 121 suspects were detained in the same crime between 20 and 25 and charged in another record. Among them was the arrest and imprisonment by the prison guards and the case was investigated. We ask that this violence be stopped because the others are beaten, fired, and threatened today.

International Human Rights Commission 
we already tet’erit’ireni 38 defendants charged cells insurance reserve tekelikileni tracking while in August 28/2008 P • S KILINTO prison, the scene of a fire and ask for rights in prison for the attempted escape were excluded from many of our brothers in custody, the police kišechini We were shot dead in front of us. To save their own innocence, we were taken to the Shewa Robin Prison for allegedly being investigated, and only a minority of Amhara, Oromo and Gurag were born.
Our map is pinned by Pinnacle. We had a stink of torture in the stupa that was not there in Ethiopia. They have scrapped our property. Treatment is forbidden. Neurological, psychological and diverse diseases and crises. We have been denied our unlawful access to our family for 3 months because we told the judge that we were guilty of this crime.
Amhara and Guraya Ginbot 7, Oromo Oromie, have been abducted as al-Shabaab by Muslims. The Human Rights Compliance Commission has given a measure of human rights in the report on October 20, 2010. We have been sent a copy to the Addis Ababa Police Commission to investigate the perpetrators of human rights violations against us, but so far no one has spoken to us. As a result, we have been forced to apply for a global human rights commission that is responsible for human rights.

1) As we are still subjected to tremendous beatings, intimidation, and threats, we are still in danger. Another member of our convicts, Armama Wake, was arrested and killed by a prisoner in the house arrest for allegedly firing another man.

2) From August 1 to 12, 2009, the prosecutor filed false accusations and we were given a series of consecutive days from December 23 to January 3, 2010 for the remaining witnesses. The witnesses who were present at the court are now in a position to testify under the jurisdiction of the attorney. The remaining witnesses are imprisoned and underwhelmed by witnesses. We have convinced some lawyers who have been released by the prosecutor and the police, “We are witnesses to what you have been told,” and “We will be free from the former charge.” We have been assaulted by various threats and threats. We call for this to be done by force and by force of consent

3) In the report of the Human Rights Commission in Ethiopia, we urge you to pressure us to be charged with crimes against humanity by those charged against us. However, if we commit an inhumane act, we will ask for another investigation by the Neutralated Police Commission.

4) The Embassies in Ethiopia have called for a call to action against this phenomenon in our country and still risking our life.

5) The Human Rights Commission’s report on human rights commission investigating the human rights abuses in the report of the Addis Ababa Police Corps and its investigators has been submitted to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission on its findings and findings. We’re so disappointed.

Because we are disappointed by the fact that the parties requiring lawsuits are required to be legally required to take legal action to bring the matter to justice.

  • For the African Union
  • For US, UK, Sweden, Canada, and Northern Embassies
  • For social media, EF radio, EBC and other media

Translations into English and Arabic are available to the world

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