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Ethiopian cinema focuses on prostitution [BBC]

By Emmanuel IgunzaBBC Africa, Addis Ababa Price of Love, in Amharic, has been nominated for Africa’s top film award at the Fespaco festival Ethiopian scriptwriter and film director Hermon Hailay says she grew up close to prostitutes. “I...

Birhanu Tezera & Jacky Gosee ''Wegene'' - New video

Young Diaspora Ethiopian musicians are rising fast and gaining attention on the international scene [By Alemayehu G. Mariam - Professor]

They sing in English, but some include Amharic songs in their repertoire. Their lyrics are serious and spotlight social conditions. Their melodies are a fusion of Ethiopian, rock and jazz beats. They attract audiences across cultural lines....

‘Music is like gold’: Hip-hop in Amharic finds its voice in Ethiopia [Aljazeera International]

Mainstream rappers embrace the country’s dominant language while trying not to upset the government by James Jeffrey ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopian rapper DJ Same took out a smartphone and played a clip of a man...

Tamagn with Bezawork Assefaw [Part 1-3 video]

Tsehaye Yohanes: Ethiopia [video]

Ethiopian musician Hailu Mergia rediscovered after 30 years [CCTV-America]

December 24, 2014 Famed Ethiopian organist Hailu Mergia has been rediscovered by a recording label in the United States. Mergia was a star of the Ethiopian music scene for over three decades before he fell off the radar. CCTV America’s...

Yidne ''Libe Tenesa'' [New music video from Norway-Oslo 2014]