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ESAT Tamagn Show With Fasil Demoze [Video1-4]

Review: ‘Difret’ Confronts Sexism in Ethiopia [nytimes]

By NICOLAS RAPOLDOCT When an Ethiopian girl who survives abduction and rape in “Difret” finds safe haven with her lawyer, you may not expect the question she poses in a quiet moment: Is her host a bad woman? The 14-year-old Hirut (Tizita...

New Ethiopian Music- ''ማንነታችን'' [Video]

“EMBI BEL” [by Ethiopian artist Shambel Belayneh]

To this Ethiopian American singer, 'home is always in flux' [By Monica Campbell ]

PRI’s The World Like a lot of immigrants in the United States, Meklit Hadero’s family arrived to a place unknown, with a single connection drawing them. For Hadero, that place was Iowa, where her dad knew a professor  It was the...

YETUT LIJ: A film by Haile Gerima - Video

Independent filmmaker Haile Gerima, the writer/director/producer behind TEZA, ADWA, SANKOFA & BUSH MAMA, discusses his new film, YETUT LIJ (“Child of the Breast”), and the campaign that he’s launching on Indiegogo to raise...

Jacky Gosee new video clip for Ethiopian beheaded and shot by ISIS

''Ethiopian Adera '' New Official Music Video