5:18 pm - Monday June 15, 6099

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Documentary on Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed - Part 1

Must Watch !!! Amazing Story on JTV Min Addis

Deportees: The forgotten victims of the Ethiopia – Eritrea war

 MARTIN PLAUT  Efforts by both governments to resolve the issues that have plagued them since the 1998 – 2000 border war are apparently making progress. There are suggestions that Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, could visit...


PM Dr Abiy Ahmed discusses with the people of Afar

Ethiopia: Vital footage of Meskel Square incident

Ethiopian scholar at risk uses blog to push for justice at home [The Harvard Gazette]

Six years ago, Zelalem Kibret’s activism prompted him to visit prison; less than two years later, it landed him inside. A lawyer and then-professor of law at Ambo University in Ethiopia, Zelalem first visited a jailed politician in the infamous...

Serakelmm Fasil & Eskinder Nega's & Reunion (Video)