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Ethio Tube: A talk with Temesgen Desalegn

Ethio Tube: A talk with Wubshet Taye

Exclusive Interview with a prominent Ethiopian politician, Ato Andualem Aragie - Weyeyet Magazine

I Saw my Torturer: by Abel Wabella - an excerpt from the play KINGS OF INTEREST (Video)

A Rare Victory for Ethiopia’s Victims

Former Government Official Convicted in Dutch Court for 1970s Killings Felix Horne Senior Researcher, Horn of Africa@felixhorne1 The many victims of the brutal communist military dictatorship that ruled Ethiopia from 1974 to 1991,...

ESAT documentary, Eskinder Nega

U of T professor uncovers churches carved out of rock in Ethiopia

Carving churches out of rock using only a hammer and chisel may seem extraordinary to us, but for those living in rural areas of Ethiopia, it’s simply an expression of faith. “It’s hard work … literally,” says University of Toronto...

Amazing poem at Taytu Cultural [By Bereket Belayneh - Video]